Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Are The Classes?

Jitterbugz, Starz, Senior Starz and Adult Ballet are all 45 minutes long.  Intro to Ballet is 30 minutes long.  For younger children these timings can be the limit of what they can do, and it is very normal for some children to be very tired.  

Can I stay with my child?

Here at Jitterbugz we are a little bit different. Children attending a Jitterbugz and Ballet classes should be supervised by an adult.  We encourage parental participation as this makes children feel relaxed and it is a great bonding experience.  All other classes it is up to you if you stay or go as you know your children best.

Do I have to buy a uniform?

Our aim is to make our classes as relaxed and accessible as possible, so we have no formal uniform.  We do however have T-shirts you can order should you wish.  We keep these as low cost as possible.Order online or at class.

We accept My VIP Card

Get a discount off each and every class with your My VIP Card.  You can also get 20% off our Birthday Parties too.

Do I have to book?

We have a new booking system and encourage you to book your classes.  Booking gives you more payment options and you can book your first class free.  Click here to book

How do I pay?

We have lots of payment options available .  All our classes are Pay As You Go, so you don't need to worry about paying expensive term fees.  We do have lots of other options, so you can be cashless, save money and make life more convenient.  Take a look at our webstore or ask about our Saver Cards at class.